How Hollywood beat the Corona Virus…long time ago.

In 2013, a movie was released worldwide carrying a message that a lot – if not all- has disregarded maybe because of its handsome lead star and a bunch of flesh-eating zombies. Fast forward to the present time of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (NCOV-19) pandemic, no one thought that the zombie apocalypse flick, “World War Z.”

UN Investigator Gerry Lane and virologist Andrew Fassbach talking about the virus’ vulnerability.

In the movie, Gerry Lane (played by dusky Brad Pitt), a former United Nations (UN) investigator was tapped to investigate a pandemic which turns people into zombies (thus “Z”). To jumpstart his investigation, he was sent to an army base in South Korea where the disease was first reported. Alongside is Andrew Fassbach (played by Elyes Gabel), a young Harvard educated virologist who has a theory how to beat the virus. He, however, literally fell to his death – a stupid death – slipping while running back to the plane and in the process shooting his smart head with his own pistol.

Before his death, Fassbach gave Lane a walk through about the virus’ vulnerability:

Now this is revelation by a make-believe virologist can may help real-life virologists to find a cure for the NCOVID-19. They should look for these “crumbs” or “chinks in the armor.” Who knows following this simple but eye-opening advice from script from a Hollywood flick will be the answer to this worldwide crisis. To reiterate, this is the golden advice of the fictional Dr. Fassbach:

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